Where To Find Bettas For Sale Online

Are you looking for the best places to find bettas for sale online? Then you are not the only one. I’m often asked that question so I figured it was time to post the information. Some of you might be wondering, is it actually safe to buy fish online? I can tell you that in my experience, I’ve had the same luck buying fish online as I’ve had buying in stores. Some last and some don’t. The perk about buying fish online is that (in my opinion) there are a lot more choices available, especially when it comes to bettas. The important thing is to buy the fish from a recommended site and I hope that this post will take some of the guesswork out for you.

Bettas For Sale Online

Based on our experience, feedback from several betta owners and research on several fish forums on the Internet, we’ve compiled the following list of recommended sites.

  • Links:
  • Background information: Most of you are probably familiar with eBay, but in case you aren’t, it’s an auction site that allows you to bid on certain items. The best (highest) price usually wins. However, most sellers do offer a “Buy Now” price as well, if you prefer not to go through the bidding process.
  • Shipping information: Changes depending on the store/vendor providing the betta fish.
  • Types of bettas for sale: Most, if not all types, are available on eBay.
  • Pros: At any given time in the year, you can pretty much find any type of betta fish for sale. While purchasing from sellers on eBay, you get a positive feedback rating of the vendor, which identifies the trust rating of the supplier. For example, a 99.6 % positive feedback implies that the vendor has received 99.6 positive reviews out of 100.
  • Cons: Some vendors do not ship to all countries, so you will have to do your research and contact some of the vendors to see what arrangements can be made. If the betta is dead on arrival, then only the costs of the fish is refunded and not the shipping costs.



  • Link: http://aquabid.com/
  • Background information: Aquabid has two methods of purchasing bettas for sale, which is similar to eBay. These are the buy now and the bidding features. Before purchasing the bettas of your choice, you will first have to log into the site with a PayPal account. There are very few vendors, who accept alternate methods of payment. The bidding takes place in an auction and the highest bidder wins. When you select the buy now option to buy from a seller in the country, you will be notified, regarding the contact details of the seller. You will be asked to contact the seller regarding the methods of payment and the shipping. The online hobbyists selling the bettas on Aquabid are more concerned with the safe packaging of the fish, rather than trying to make profit. The bettas for sale at the Aquabid website are of excellent quality.
  • Shipping information: If the ship is coming from a vendor abroad , then the cost of the fish will be paid in addition to the costs of the shipping from the transhipper , the costs of handling per fish , the costs of overnight shipping to the transhippers. In addition, the option of priority delivery and express delivery is available.
  • Types of bettas for sale: Crowntails, Deltas / Super Deltas, Double Tails, Halfmoons, Halfmoon Plakats, Veiltails, Plakats, and Wild Types
  • Pros: The sellers on the Aquabid website are usually very helpful. They will get in touch with you directly and will inform you off the steps that you need to take in order to receive delivery of the fish safely. You can inform them of the transhipper that you want to use.
  • Cons: While bidding, the interface of the Aquabid site is not as responsive. It will take a lot of time to respond to a bid so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend bidding at the last minute. If you win the bid, you will receive an email from the website, with the contact details of the seller.


  • Link: http://www.bettastars.com/
  • Shipping: United States only.  Two methods of shipping: priority shipping and express.
  • Background information: The team at Bettastars strives to provide its customers with the best quality stock of bettas from the top breeders. Before the bettas are procured from the breeders, they are tested by the team of fish experts in terms of their form, color , body structure and the health of the fish overall .
  • Types of bettas for sale: There are numerous varieties of bettas sold here. These are half-moon plakats , crowntails, giants, double tails, half-moons and Plakat fighters.
  • Pros:  Betta stars often includes a clearance sale in which they sell their bettas at very steep discounts. This is for the simple fact, that there might be excessive bettas of the same strain on the websites inventory. Often they might offer clearance sales for the bettas, when the fin is damaged. It is great way to obtain the bettas at a great price. Most buyers have later confirmed that the fins grow back in time.
  • Cons: The website only accepts two methods of payment. These methods of payment are money orders and PayPal.



  • Link: http://www.aquariumfish.net/
  • Background information: This online tropical fish shop sells male and female betta fish. It gives all information regarding the proper food, lifespan, tank size and mating habits.
  • Shipping: United States only. The priority shipping method takes only two to three days to ship to any standard location. However, the guarantee of safe arrival is not given in the priority delivery service. It is a shipping method, which the buyer has to opt for at his own risk. The express method of delivery, is a slightly expensive alternative, however, it comes with the guarantee of safe delivery. It means that if the betta is dead on delivery, you will get your money refunded.
  • Types of bettas for sale: There are numerous varieties of bettas sold here. These are half-moon plakats, crowntails, giants, double tails, half-moons and Plakat fighters.
  • Pros:  It has the advantage of shipping the betta fish to you overnight.
  • Cons: Delivery options are slightly expensive.


  • Link: http://www.wasanbetta.net/j1/
  • Background information: Most of the bettas sold here are imported from Thailand and Cambodia. Since the bettas are hardy fish, they can survive the rigors of the journey.
  • Shipping: United States only. Since foreign suppliers are involved, there will be additional charges that have to be incurred in addition to the cost of the fish and the transhippers.
  • Types of bettas for sale: The varieties of bettas for sale at wasnabeta include , halfmoon ,plakat , fighter betta , flowerhorn ,crowntails and other additional accessories.
  • Pros:  There is a great selection, just add the types that you want to the cart and check out. You will receive discounts on bulk deliveries.
  • Cons: The bettas are out of stock most of the times.




  • Link: https://bettasandart.com/
  • Background information: Imported Show Bettas, Local Breeders, & Handmade Unique Art – Located in NYC.
  • Shipping: US shipping only. Choice of FedEx, approx 18$ for standard shipping or 30$ for overnight. DOA is only covered with overnight shipping.
  • Types of bettas for sale: Show bettas.
  • Pros:  They have a section for male bettas and a section for female bettas, to make it easier to identify and pick which one you want. They also sell beautiful one of a kind original art.
  • Cons: We are not aware of any at this time.

I hope that this post will help you in buying your next betta fish online. Please keep in mind that I’m just one guy and that my experiences may not be the same as yours. If you agree with my list of choices or have other sites that you think I should include, please comment on this post below. If you absolutely disagree with the list, I also want to hear from you and learn why you had a bad experience with a particular site.
Until next time!
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