What Kind Of Water Do Betta Fish Need?

What Kind Of Water Do Betta Fish Need

Opting to pet a fish seems to be an easy hobby. As you go through the ways of taking care of fish, you later learn that several factors should be considered for your fish to survive.
If you’re looking forward to taking care of more than just a goldfish and level up as an aquarist, a betta fish is another type that you can get your hands into. These fish come in different colors and display different majestic fins. So, what kind of water do betta fish need? Here is everything you need to know about betta fish and how to properly take care of them.

Origins of betta fish

Betta fish, as it is most commonly called, is originally named the Siamese fighting fish. These types of fish were first seen to swim in the Southeast Asian waters. Other names attached to the Siamese fighting fish are “the Jewel of the Orient” in Thailand or “plakad”. It has derived its name from its characteristic of being able to survive in the harshest environments.
Apart from being able to survive in different environments, betta fish are better taken care alone instead of being put together in the same tank as they are likely to compete with and attack each other.
Betta fish were first found swimming in plantation fields, typically living in muddy waters. They can adapt to sudden drop or rise in temperatures, and even see through drought and floods. Its physical composition makes the fish able to breathe even out of water if they are kept moist, and survive in waters with minimal oxygen. Thus, they are also labeled as labyrinth fish.
With the kind of harsh environment they can endure, what kind of water do betta fish need if you are going to contain them in an aquarium with stabilized conditions?

What Kind of Water Do Betta Fish Need?

What Kind Of Water Do Betta Fish Need
Taking care of a Siamese fighting fish is easy so long as you know what kind of water do betta fish need. Preferably, they should be placed in warm waters with a pH level of 6.5 to 7, slightly acidic compared to pH levels required for other fish.

  • Temperature is a vital point in determining what kind of water betta fish need. It is advisable to acquire a heater for the aquarium as it is recommended for betta fish to live in warm waters with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 27°C. Exposing them to lower temperatures can cause them sickness.
  • Sponge filters are more recommended. These are gentler on the fins of betta fish instead of the usual filter that can cause strong currents in the aquarium. Chlorine is also not necessary for betta fish.
  • Apart from the water’s condition, consider the environment as well if you’re planning to take care of a betta fish. These fish are better taken care of separately, as their personality tend to fight off and eat their fellow betta fish or other fish they  come across with. They are highly territorial. If you’re planning to put another fish with him/her in the aquarium, it is best to pick a fish with the same size as the betta fish or bigger. For help, read our post Best and Worst Betta Fish Tank Mates.


  • Space is another thing to consider if you wish to pet a betta fish. Typically, betta fish can thrive in shallow waters, but he/she needs a wider space to move around. This is the kind of environment he/she lives in when out in the rice fields. In setting up your aquarium, it is best to get a five-gallon aquarium in nursing your Siamese fighting fish. It is advisable to put betta fish in deep tanks as they tend to jump off the aquarium. Although they can breathe shortly after being out of the water, it would be devastating to see your fish gasping for air and trying to figure out if they can still survive when taken back into the water.
  • Avoid artificial decorations in the aquarium. Rocks and other hard plastics can tear the fins of betta fish. Real plants are a better substitute for decoration as they also help regulate oxygen in the tank and aren’t hard enough to damage the fins.
  • Betta fish are not hard to be fed as well. They are carnivores and feed on worms, shrimps, and insects. However, you can also opt to feed them flakes or pellets as these are a combination of all other meat they eat and are incorporated with vitamins as well.


The Extras

What Kind Of Water Do Betta Fish Need
Betta fish are a good option if you wish to become an aquarist. Aside from being low maintenance, these fish come in a variety of colors and tail shapes. Their various colors are also a result of selective breeding.
Also, unlike other animals, male betta fish are bigger in size compared to female bettas. The male bettas are also play the maternity role as they drive the female bettas away and guard the eggs during fertilization.
Want to know if your betta fish is cool with your tank? Start looking for bubble nests. These are bubbles betta fish produce that surface in the water. They are produced either for mating, protection of eggs, or simply your betta fish is enjoying the environment you set up for them.
Despite its beauty, betta fish are most adaptable to harsh environments. This characteristic makes them easy to take care of. The main point in taking care of them is by determining what kind of water do betta fish need to survive. The average lifespan of a betta fish is three years, but with proper care they can live for as long as ten years. If you know what kind of water betta fish need, you and your betta pet will surely have a good time together.
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4 thoughts on “What Kind Of Water Do Betta Fish Need?

  1. I have been keeping Bettas for about 1yr now and love how relaxing they are. I love to buy them as small infants at our local PS(not sure if I can mention the name of the store) and watch them grow into beautiful creatures

    1. Hi Robin, I’m sorry for the late reply. I was out of town since last weekend. I totally agree with you, they are beautiful and it is extremely relaxing to watch them. Very peaceful. 🙂

  2. Hi my name is marcie i just bought a female from petsmart i got there early on last thursday thursday morning and they had just got them in cause they were just takeing them out of the box and were feeding them any way i mainly went there cause i purchased 1 a week before that at a different store i and hes a male i had him in a 5 gallon tank at first and then the one i just bought i a 1 gallon hospital tank at first now as i looked all of them over i really liked her but i noticed 1 of her gills were a little red on the inside and swollen and i had to bring it to the workers attention and show them they did not know what was wrong with her they got thier little book up and thought i might be a tumor but i said no its not a tumor they said if i want her that i had 2 weeks guarantee if something happens to her so i put her down shopped around and kept going back and thought to myself well what do i have to loose and bought her.i thought to my self she probably would have a better chance with me then left there and then dyeing or someone else buying her and dyeing anyways so ive had fish a while ago so i kind of know whats involved when fish are sick plus ive been doing alot of research on bettas to refresh my memory on them so any ways ive put her in a 1 gallon hospital tank with a heater and filter and aquarium salt and a dose of betta fix but i have not put the betta fix in daily like it says to any way i bought a 15 gallon for my male and the female is in the 5 gallon now shes doing really well when i transfered her into the 5 gallon i put 90% new water and aquarium salt again and new dose of bettafix and shes doing great shes swimming around really good she loves it i feed them 3 to 4 pellets with a couple of different things i switch it up they get fed at 8 am and then again the same amount at 10:30 pm and they get excited the two tanks are beside each other so they can see each other and i do plan on getting her a bigger tank as well i do have a question abought live plants though i have 1 live plant in the males right now but want to buy a few more but the one i have in there the tips of a leaf is a bit brown and a bit yellow can you tell me what i need to do to stop it from doing that .thanks for your time.

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