VeilTail Betta Fish

VeilTail Betta

Here are a few interesting facts on the veiltail betta fish that might interest you:

  • They have long asymmetrical caudal fins that slouch downwards. (If you aren’t sure what a caudal fin is, please refer to my Anatomy Of a Betta Fish page).
  • Their tails arch up, then float down, appearing to look like a veil.
  • Use to be one of the most popular types of bettas kept in homes, at least until the crowntail and halfmoon started making their appearance.
  • Some aquarists say that the veiltail betta fish is more personable that others, which is why it is (or at least was) one of the favorites.
  • The VeilTail betta is often referred to as “VT”. (Useful fact if you are looking up information on-line).
  • Dominates other types of bettas during the breeding process, so their use is often discouraged when breeding show Bettas.


VeilTail Betta Live In Action

Here’s a quick video where you can see one in action:

SOLD: Assorted Veiltail Betta Males

Here are a few more pics to give you an idea on how awesome these little creatures are:

Veiltail Betta Fish
Yellow Veiltail


Veiltail Betta Fish
Purple Veiltail


Do you know anything else useful about the veiltail betta fish that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post! And remember, the best betta tank is a clean betta tank!




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