The Best Betta Fish Food

The best betta fish food

Betta fish are wonderful fish that are easy to take care of and will live a long healthy life when given proper care and attention, which includes giving the right betta fish food. The biggest thing to keep in mind when providing proper nutrients for your betta is to make sure the food is high in protein. That’s the number one thing you need to know as bettas cannot live off of pure vegetable food with no protein content.

What Betta Fish Food Should You Get?

Some of the best foods to feed your betta include:

  • Frozen or live bloodworms
  • Frozen glass worms
  • Frozen tubiflex worms
  • Frozen mysis shrimp
  • Frozen beef heart
  • Frozen dapnia
  • Live white worms
  • Live grindal worms
  • Live flightless fruit flies
  • Live black worms

Frozen should not be confused with freeze-dried foods, which may cause digestion problems in your fish, leading to serious issues. One pro of feeding your betta frozen and live worms (and the other foods on the list above) is that they are fresh (or fresh and frozen) protein sources that are easy to digest. The only thing you really need to watch out for with these foods is overfeeding. Overfeeding is one of the biggest reasons for a premature death in your betta fish. Be sure to feed your fish every day and you can normally feed about 3 worms or so at each feeding. Another pro to live feeding is that there is much less of a chance of abdominal bloating and illness due to common fillers in dried food.
Now for dried food. Many people use flakes and/or dry food, which is completely fine as long as the bottle notes that it is especially for betta fish. If so, be sure to follow the directions on the package and remember that it’s often a good idea to soak your pellets in water for a few minutes before feeding them to your fish. One of the con’s to dry food is that they tend to absorb water and expand in your fish, which can cause them to suffer from constipation, bloating, and swim-bladder disorders. But a pro to dry food is that it’s often cheaper and easier to buy. If you want, you can also supplement between dry and live food by providing both. Simply reduce the amount of pellets you use when also using live food.
The best and healthiest option for betta fish food is to use live or fresh food high in protein and to be diligent about the amount and timing of feedings—careful not to over or underfeed your new friend.

If all of these things are taken into consideration, however, you will be able to safely determine how to keep your betta healthy regardless of which option you choose. Neither option is wrong, but hopefully these pro’s and con’s have helped you discover which option you would prefer when it comes to providing your betta with a happy, healthy life.
Do you have a preferred betta fish food? If so, what is it? Do you have any advice that you would like to share? Please post your experiences and comments below!
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