Spade Tail Betta Fish Interesting Facts

spade tail betta fish

Over the years, betta fish have been bred into many types with so many color varieties and patterns. This selective form of betta breeding began in Asia many years ago, but modern breeders have, of course, taken it even further. Today we have so many betta fish types, all varying in color, overall shape, fin shape and even personality. Of all the varieties, however, there are some recessive betta fish that are much more rare than others. Like the Spade Tail betta fish for instance.
They are an extremely rare form of betta and their genes are actually recessive and therefore one of the most coveted forms of betta fish. They were once more easily found in the early 90’s, but have definitely grown to become less common over the years. Many people hope to see one, but never actually get the chance to. Although they are rare, it’s still possible to find them occasionally if you find a specialty breeder. Just don’t expect a cheap price tag on these little guys.

How To Identify a Spade Tail Betta Fish

Spade tail betta fish are actually pretty easy to identify. First of all, their tails are always in the shape of a spade, which is not to be confused with a veiltail fish. The spade tail betta will have a long caudal fin that meets at a point and the bottom fins are also straighter and a bit pointier than other bettas.
If you are a visual person like myself, maybe these pictures will help:
Spade Tail Betta Fish

Spade Tail Betta Fish
That’s about it. It should be fairly easy to identify if your betta is a spade tail, but if you’re still unsure, you could always contact a breeder for more information. Also, if you don’t know what a caudal fin is, or maybe you just want more information on the betta fish anatomy, have a quick look at my post What’s The Deal On The Betta Fish Anatomy?.

Spade Tail Betta Fish in Action

I thought you might enjoy seeing a spade tail betta live in action and swimming around, so here’s a little bonus video for you:

Do you know anything else useful or fun about the spade tail betta fish that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post below. And remember, the best betta tank is a clean betta tank.
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2 thoughts on “Spade Tail Betta Fish Interesting Facts

  1. Dont rule out fish stores! I managed to find a gorgeous young spade tail mislabeled as a veil tail, so he was only $4, which is like… so cheap… so always always checm your lfs/lps first! Ive managed to find a few mislabeled beauties for a lot less than you would at a professional breeder, and healthy too!

    1. Hi – You are absolutely right! You can definitely find some real gems even in your local store. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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