Aquarium Plant Growth And pH Water Balance Kit - 8.45 Oz Each Bottle

Aquarium Plant Growth And pH Water Balance Kit


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Product Description

Aquarium Plant Growth And pH Water Balance Kit – The Perfect Combination For Happy And Healthy Fish

The combination of clean, clear water and healthy, strong plants is the perfect environment for any fish tank. These two products working together makes that happen.

Why This Combination Works

1. Reduces Phosphates and Nitrates
2. Replenishes Essential Trace Elements and Minerals
3. Stabilizes pH and Alkalinity
4. Maintains Strong Healthy Plants For A Great Fish Environment
5. Keeps Water Clean and Clear For Better Visibility and Health
6. Plant Food Works For Both Floating and Rooted Plants
7. Keeps Tank Maintenance To A Minimum So More Time For Your Enjoyment
8. Helps Fish To Live A Longer and Happier Life

Fish tank environments require constant maintenance which can be a drag on your time and also has the potential to cause sick fish if not done regularly. By using these plant growth and easy balance water treatment products as a team, you will keep your fish happier and healthier and your tanks cleaner, while simultaneously reducing maintenance time and stress. You win and your fish win. Does it get any better?

100% Money Back Guarantee

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HEALTHIER WATER – Reduces phosphates and stabilizes pH levels. Replenishes essential trace elements. Your fish, turtles and crabs will appreciate the cleaner water and will live longer.
HEALTHIER PLANTS – Promotes leaf growth of both floating and rooted plants, keeping the environment looking more natural. Vibrant, leafy plants will provide shelter, comfort and hiding places for your fish.
HAPPIER FISH – Stabilizing alkalinity and maintaining mineral levels keeps fish happy and content. Happier and healthy fish are more active and fun to watch.
LESS TANK MAINTENANCE – Reduces the need for multiple water changes and stops large swings in pH so you have more time to enjoy your fish and less time cleaning tanks. Keeps accessories free from algae and slime build up.
THE PERFECT COMBINATION – Each bottle is 8.45 Oz in size and two teaspoons of each product treat 10 gallons for up to 6 months. The combination of clean, clear water and healthy, strong plants is the perfect environment for any fish tank.

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