Tetra Colorfusion Aquarium Kit

Tetra Colorfusion Aquarium Kit - 10 Gallon


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Provide a comfortable, colorful and aesthetically pleasing home for your fish with this Tetra Colorfusion Aquarium Kit. This kit includes an aquarium that features an ever-changing LED light that allows you to select your color or cycle through them. It also includes a bubble wand so that you may add a steady stream of bubbles to your aquarium.


  • Black trim glass
  • Low profile hood with 8-inch color changing LED light
  • Integrated hood cut-outs for easy filter cartridge changes and feeding without removal
  • Bubble wand with air pump, tubing and check valve
  • Tetra 10i internal filter for silent filtration

Includes: 1 Kit (Lights, filter and air pump included)

Intended For: Freshwater or saltwater fish
Material: Glass
Color: Clear glass, Black frame
Capacity: Available in 10 Gallon and 20 Gallon sizes
Caution: Fragile. Handle with care. Indoor use only.



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