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Still looking for something funny to decorate your monotonous aquarium? Want to find something new to entertain your pet fish?
Stop! This is the last page that needs you glancing over. Buy one to make your little ones happy, then make you happy.

The exotic environments dinosaur skull ornament is a life-like dinosaur skull replica with a whole in the cranium to provide valuable shelter and a hiding place that fish crave. Your fish will love exploring and navigating through this replica skull aquarium ornament!

Use the cool water to clean it, then spend a day before submerging it into tank. Caution: avoid high temperature; do not use the hot water to clean it

Package includes:
1 X Artificial Dinosaur Skull

The Tagline of Bestgoo Tank Ornament is ‘Entertain Your Little Ones Then to Please You…We Know It’s Really for You! ‘
Winter is coming. It looks bleak everywhere. Purchas a gift for you and your lovely fish to add a beautiful view in your tank. Human need something fun to delight themselves, pet also!


  • Made of resin, insoluble in water and non-toxic to fish or water plants. Size: 3.14-in L X 2.16-in W X 2.36-in H
  • Adapt to both fresh and salt water, nice hut for you lovely fish and shrimp. It can oxygenate when be contected with oxygen pump.
  • Put the skull in a right place and it’s done. The little ones can enjoy their new playground right away. No maintenance is required.
  • Ideal ornament for aquarium and terrariums to make a interesting microlandscape, it also can be used as home decoration or a nice gift to a little boy who loved dinosaur.
  • Smooth edge to do no harm to your baby fish. You can have it sitting on a light pad and it looks really cool with all the lights shining out the cracks and holes, see the video uploaded by our customer(Review column).


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