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BETTAS LOVE THE SURFACE — Bettas like to relax near the water surface. Because they can breath from their mouths, they come up to the surface quite often. Leaf hammocks make great places for Betta to take a short break from swimming.
ORGANIC, NOT PLASTIC — Made from real leaves, they do not contain BPA like the plastic leaves might. It also does not contain any metal wiring that may rust underwater. SunGrow Betta bed is all organic and healthy for your Bettas.
HANDPICKED FOR THE JOB — Our team sifts through hundreds of leaves to handpick the healthiest leaves that are 6-10 inches long and shaped best for Bettas to rest on. Each pack contains 6 leaves and 2 suction clip-cups to help attach it to your tank. Change leaves after 2 weeks to ensure Betta’s comfort.
NATURAL LOOK — Unlike plastic leaves that stand out unnaturally in your aquascape, the SunGrow Betta Bed fits in with the overall look of your aquarium design. Talk about form and function!
RELEASES HEALTHY TANNINS — Unlike other plastic leaves, SunGrow Betta Bed releases natural tannins that help Bettas stay healthy and heal quicker.

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