KEDSUM Aquarium and Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump with 2 Silicone Tubes /2 Air Stone/2 Air Valves/8W

KEDSUM Aquarium and Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump with 2 Silicone Tubes /2 Air Stone/2 Air Valves/8W Price: $13.99 (as of 00:10 EST- More info)

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KEDSUM 90GPH Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump with 2 Outlets, 2 Air Stone, 2 Air Valves for 40-100 Gallon Fish Tank

KEDSUM air pump with 2 silicone is low noise, energy efficient, adjustable air flow, large flow, stable pressure, oxygen increased effect particularly cool, can handle the aeration needs of aquariums from 40 to 100 gallons.Build up a beautiful scenery in your tank/aquarium marine system to enjoy in daily life.

Little tips:
1. When connect the air valves, the printed “IN” side of the air valve should connect with the tube of the air pump, the other printed “↓” side should connect with the tube of air stone.
2. To avoid water flow in the pump,the pump must be placed higher than the tank.Or you can use the air valves to prevent water flow back.
3. Connect the pipe to the air outlet of the air pump, then distribute the vesicle stone in the aquarium, switch on power supply and the air pump will be air-entrapping .
4.When you found the air flow is becoming smaller.Simply wash or replace the filtration cotton /air stone.
5.Placed in a dry environment when not use.
6.The tubes was not prepared to cut, you need to cut the tubes for the air valve as your required.And if you think the tube is not long enough you can prolong it by adding an extra one.
– Power: 8W 
– Voltage: 110V 60Hz
– Max Flow Rate: 90GPH [3.5*2 L /Min]
– Adjustable air flow knob: Black
– The power cord length: 5.9FT
– Bubble tube: length=3.9FT; OD=6mm
– Air stone OD: 25mm
– Item Size: 155*80*55mm
– For 40 to 100 gallons aquariums
  Package Include: 
1* KEDSUM Aquarium Air Pump 
2* bubble tubes
2* Air Valve
2* Air Stone
Power Oxygen flow: KEDSUM fish tank bubbler up to 90GPH with 2 Silicone, perfect for both Freshwater and Marine Aquariums,- Max Flow Rate: [3.5*2 L /Min]Add fun in your tank by making air bubbles.
Adjustable Airflow: Low power consumption and adjustable air flow with multi-level muffler,great for small and medium-sized fish tanks for million adorable sea or freshwater creature.
Quiet Running: Whisper quiet like the fishes breathe and live in the water, decibels range is for Min.30 dB-Max.35 dB (within 1M in Professional testing sealed box)
Shake proof: Rubber pad can hold up position while it is working.And there is a hook on the pump to hang on the desired position.
KEDSUM oxygen pump is compact and comes with 2 Silicone , 2 air stone, 2 air valves that all you request.Build up a healthy life environment
,beautiful scenery and oxygen bubble flow for your fish, coral,and anything alive in your tank/aquarium marine system.

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