Betta LED Light -- Soothing light for Betta - White and Blue bulbs for Day and Night view - Flexible Metal Arm to adjust angle - Illuminate fish tank with low radiation, energy-saving light

SunGrow Betta LED Light - Soothing Light for Betta - White and Blue Bulbs for Day and Night View - Flexible Metal Arm to Adjust Angle - Illuminate Fish Tank with Low Radiation, Energy-Saving Light Price: $15.70 (as of 00:30 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

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How do I attach these lights to my aquarium?
Easily screw these lights onto the wall of your aquarium or small tank. The headlamp is attached to a flexible metal arm which has a strong plastic vice that can be secured onto your tank. You can even attach these powerful led lights to your headboard as a really cool energy-efficient reading lamp.

Can I switch between blue and white led lights?
Yes, you can use the switch feature to control which colors you want. Switch to the blue lights to help your aquarium plants leaves increase growth rate. Switch to the white LED’s for night viewing. The cool white lights will illuminate your tank and add a shimmering effect to your reef

How long can these lights stay on for?
You can technically leave these lights on for up to 10,000 hours. However, we recommend giving your fish and plant life some hours of darkness for them to rest and rejuvenate. Even in nature, fish and plants have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. You can use our 24-Hour Timer and set a time to switch off automatically if you are not at home or are sleeping.

Will these lights help my plants thrive?
Yes. The blue light can help improve your aquariums plant’s photosynthetic activity. Additionally, LED lights are easy to maintain, provide powerful adjustable lights to stimulate your aquarium plant growth, are cost effective, energy efficient and will outlast any regular bulb system.

Power: 1.5 watt
24 LED 18 white & 6 blue.

1: To clean, do not use thinner, gasoline, alcohol or glass cleaner, including organic solvent. Please clean the product with a soft towel or sponge.
2: Be sure to turn off the power before feeding the fish, changing the water, placing or moving the fixture, and other aquarium equipment.
3: Do not expose the equipment to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

✔ SLIM DYNAMIC DESIGN, ILLUMINATE YOUR AQUARIUM WITH LED LIGHTS — Your java moss, marimos, banana plants, snails , critters, betta fish and other fish will thrive under these powerful Led lights. You can plug these 6500K/ day light LED lights into a timer and have them illuminate your tank as and when you decide.

✔SCREW ON FLEXIBLE METAL ARM FOR ADJUSTING ANGLE OF THE LIGHT— Easily screw on these aquarium lights using the adjustable clip that will fit onto all standard tanks. The metal neck of the lights can be turned around 360 degrees so you can position the lights at any angle or distance from the surface of the water.

✔VERY BRIGHT TWO COLOR LED FISH TANK LIGHTS — LED lights are much brighter than regular incandescent lights. The rectangular shaped headlamp contains 24 LED bulbs – 18 white and 6 blue. These will light up your tank during the day and during nighttime hours for an ethereal and vivid aquarium. Control lights by switching from blue to white as needed.

✔LOW TEMPERATURE, ENERGY-SAVING AND LOW RADIATION — These lights are extremely energy-efficient. They can last up to 10,000 hours of use. Additionally, they will not affect the temperature of your tank water in any way. These bright lights are 1.5 watts and will not heat up.

✔NOT TOO BRIGHT AND NOT TOO DIM — This aquarium night lighting unit is neither too bright nor too dim, but have the perfect brightness for illuminating your betta bowls or small fish tanks. The lights will produce a beautiful halo effect on the water and your fish and plant will come to life under these lights.


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