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The Easiest Way to Feed Your Fish

The Aquatika Automatic Fish Feeder is for any fish tank owner who needs a reliable option to make sure that their fish get fed while on vacation without depending on having someone come to your house.

The biggest problem you face is relying on someone to accept the responsibility of coming to your house everyday regularly to feed them. And if for some reason the feedings get skipped, well you don’t want to think about that outcome.

Your worries are over. Now you have the option of using an easy to program, battery operated feeder that can dispense your pellets up to 4 times a day and work anytime even in the event of a power failure. Using a fully adjustable clamping system, you can adapt this to any size tank with no modifications needed.

Go on vacation without worrying about your fish getting fed with the most reliable automatic fish feeder you will ever need!

You’ll find yourself using the Aquatika feeder even when your home – with busy schedules, there isn’t always time to make sure the fish are fed the same time every time. Program your feeder, and relax knowing that your fish are being fed the right amount at a consistent time each day.

FEED YOUR FISH AUTOMATICALLY UP TO 4 TIMES A DAY – This easy to program feeder with digital LCD controls can be set to provide up to 1-4 feedings a day ; set it and let it feed your fish everyday so you don’t need to interrupt your schedule ; no risk of forgetting a feeding once you’ve programmed this fish feeder.
ADJUSTABLE AND COMPATIBLE WITH ALL TANKS – Fully adjustable clamps allow you the convenience of using on all size aquarium tanks ; no modifications needed to attach securely It’s never been easier.
SECURE IN EVENT OF A POWER FAILURE – The battery operated system means that your fish will get fed in the event of a power failure while you are away from home ; energy saving ; a fish tank accessory that no fish owner should be without.
WORKS WITH LARGE AND SMALL PELLETS , AS WELL AS FLAKES – Now you can feed a variety of different size fish and fish tanks with ease. The Aquatika Feeder is built to the highest quality standards with premium materials to ensure your Koi Goldfish or Betta Fish get the very best feeding.
THE ONLY AUTO FEEDER YOU WILL EVER NEED – Developed by our family of pet lovers ; we stand behind our product and will refund or replace it if you ever have an issue ; buy with confidence knowing you have nothing to lose.


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