Rosetail Betta Fish

Rosetail Betta

The Rosetail betta, also known as Feathertail betta, is considered as one of the most beautiful bettas out there. They are basically halfmoon bettas, however they have extra branching in their fins. They are becoming very popular because of how beautiful their tails are, however it is important for you to know that these bettas also have their share of problems. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Facts About The RoseTail Betta

First, I would like to give you a few tips that will help you identify them properly:

  • The Rosetail betta is similar to the halfmoon betta in that they were bred to have a 180 degree spread, however the rosetail betta has extra branching in their caudal fin, dorsal and anal fins.
  • This excess branching makes the betta look a bit ruffled or feathery and when the fins are spread; they overlap one another, which some people say resembles the petal of a rose.
  • Here are a few images to give you an idea on the differences between a rosetail and halfmoon betta:


White Rosetail Betta Fish
White Rosetail Betta


Halfmoon Betta
Halfmoon Betta


I haven’t personally owned any rosetail bettas, so I had to research them a bit and here’s what I found to be common issues that people have noticed with these beautiful creatures:

  • Shorter life span -- Rosetail bettas tend to have a weaker immune system, making their life on this earth a little bit shorter than other bettas.
  • Fatigue – The excess branching causes their caudal fin to be bigger and heavier, which means more effort is required to move around. After a while, they simply get more tired than other bettas which means they just “sit” around more.
  • Fin rot/Tail Biting – In order to help with some of the “excess weight”, some rosetail bettas go to extremes and start nipping off portions of their caudal fins to “lighten the load” so to speak. Unfortunately, this often leads to fin rot.



RoseTail Betta In Action

Before I forget, here’s a short video showing you how impressive rosetail betta fish can be:

SOLD BN "Fruit Punch" Rosetail OHM DUMBO Betta Male

Do you know anything else useful or fun about the rosetail betta fish that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post!



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