YCTECH Submersible Aquarium Heater with LED Water Thermometers for 1-35 Gallon Tropical Fish Tank, Safe Adjustable Temperature Control, Electronic Water Heater Thermostat (50W / 75W / 100W / 200W)

YCTECH Submersible Aquarium Heater with LED Water Thermometers (50W / 75W / 100W / 200W)

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Brand Introduction YCTECH is a brand of pet supplies and accessories. We will keep providing high quality products to our customers. Your satisfaction is the energy that keeps YCTECH going.

For different volume of the fish tanks or different fish, please choose the right model:

model1 : 75W aquarium heater for 1-15 gallon fish tank
model2 : 100W aquarium heater for 10-20 gallon fish tank
model3 : 200W aquarium heater for 20-35 gallon fish tank
model4 : 300W aquarium heater for 35-50 gallon fish tank

●The heater must be completely immersed in water, can not be exposed above water. please install and operate it correctly.
●Please check whether this product uses a matching power grid voltage.
●This product can not be repaired or modified by yourself, please ask supplier for suggestion.
●Turn off the power supply for before cleaning the tank or maintaining the heater.
●Temperature control box is not water proof, please put it above water. If its accidentally fall into water,
Please unplug the power immediately and dry it out with blow dryer before use.
●Please don’t use wet hand to install and maintain this heater, avoid from electric shock.

【Temperature Range】 15°C~34°C (59°F~93°F),it is suitable for fresh water and sea water fish tanks of 1-10 gallons , provide comfortable environment for your beloved tropical fish,

【 Smart Temperature Control 】 the micro chip will automatically keep the water in the fish tank at the temperature you set and keep it stable

【Easy To Use】press the button of the thermostat to set the temperature,the temperature will changer within the cyclic temperature range ,just stop when you set it right

【Power-Off Memory Function】 the aquarium heater will automatically remember the temperature you set before power off,you don’t have to set the temperature every time

【Excellent service】24 hours customer service online, any questions please contact us at any time.If you are not satisfy with this Aquarium Heater for any reason in 30 days, we will refund the cost. you can return the new one for free if there is problem within a year.

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