Tetra 77022 BettaMin Crisps, 0.81-Ounce, 66-ml

Tetra 77022 BettaMin Crisps, 0.81-Ounce, 66-ml


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Tetra BettaMin crisps.

Quality Nutrition for Bettas

Tetra has been revolutionizing and improving fish nutrition since the company’s birth in Germany in 1951. Since that time, Tetra has developed one of the most comprehensive bodies of fish food knowledge in the world. A full team of biologists, chemists, and nutritionists continually study and discover what keeps fish thriving and living long, healthy lives.

BettaMin Tropical Crisps

BettaMin Tropical Crisps are ideal nutrition for Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens). This tasty blend of tiny, colorful, floating crisps features color enhancers that bring out the natural colors of your fish. An advanced formula produces up to 35% less waste than competing flakes.

Clean, Clear Water

Tetra formulas feature micro milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal as a core ingredient—making them pure and digestible with fewer colorants. This leads to less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium.

Pick the TetraMin That’s Right for Your Fish

BettaMin Flakes
BettaMin Flakes

Specialized formula of easily digestible flakes and freeze-dried shrimp brine perfect for Bettas.

TetraBetta Floating Pellets
TetraBetta Floating PelletsNutritionally balanced, color-enhancing staple food that will not cloud water.
TetraBetta Floating Mini Pellets
TetraBetta Floating Mini PelletsHandy dispenser for perfect portions. Nutritionally balanced Premium Betta Mini Pellets that support immune system health.

World Class Menu for Every Fish Type

Tetra understands that every fish is unique. For this reason, they have created a full menu of food to help meet the needs of every fish; from bottom feeders to top-feeders and small Bettas to Large Cichlids.


Flakes: Flakes make up the most popular type of fish food. Tetra flakes are formulated to keep water clean and clear and include ProCare for added health benefits.


Crisps: Tetra crisps float longer and create less waste. Crisps are ideal for small and medium-sized fish.


Granules: Bite-sized morsels sink slowly to reach all fish in your aquarium, including mid-water feeders.


Tablets: Tablets are complete, balanced nutrition that sink quickly for all bottom-feeding fish such as catfish and loaches.

algae wafers

Algae Wafers: Large, sinking wafers are perfect for veggie loving bottom feeders like piecostomus catfish.


Sticks: Complete and balanced sticks provide hearty nutrition to larger fish such as Oscars, Cichlids, and marine fish.


Pellets: This floating food is ideal for mid to large sized fish like Cichlids and Goldfish. Tiny pellets are available for Bettas.

gel foods

Gel Foods: Innovative Grazing Blocks are great for long periods away from home. Gel Foods strive to feed fish the way they would eat in nature.


Supplements/Treats: Great in conjunction with Tetra’s Primary diets, these foods provide healthy variety for fish.

The ultimate in Betta nutrtion
Now Bettas can enjoy the benefits of Tetraâ€TMs unparalleled advanced technology
maximum nutrition, feeding convenience, improved tank clarity


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