Submersible Water Heater For Tropical Fish Tank Aquarium Pond or Bowl with Betta Koi Oscar Saltwater

Submersible Water Heater For Tropical Fish Tank

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Submersible Water Heater high quality quartz glass design is ideal to keep your fish tank aquarium pond or bowl tropical and saltwater fish warm. The blastproof plastic cover and automatic shutoff safety feature of the Submersible Water Heater will ensure your gorgeous majestic pets are safe. The power of the 50w coil and fully immersible quartz glass construction makes this a more cost saving energy efficient Submersible Water Heater.

Short enough to fit in a betta bowl and long enough to sustain a 5 10 up to 20 gallon fish tank makes it a versatile water heater for aquariums. The 300w submersible water heater is powerful enough to maintain the temperature in up to a 125 gallon aquarium for your large fish. The Aquadicted submersible water heater will make an amazing gift for any aquatic pets enthusiast who keeps live fish in their home office or business.


  • Fully Immersible in Fish Tank – Evenly and Efficiently Heats Aquarium – Save Money
  • Blast Proof Plastic Cover – Prevents Burns to Fish and Damage to Decoration
  • Auto on-off – Regulates Temperature – Won’t Overheat Aquarium – Supports Fish Immune System
  • Out of water Auto Shut Off – Prevent Damage to Water Heater – Increase Life Span
  • Quartz Glass – Durable Strong – Prevents Cracking or Bursting – Distributes Heat

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