Penn Plax PBV1 7-Day Vacation Fish Feeder

Penn Plax PBV1 7-Day Vacation Fish Feeder Price: $5.89 (as of 07/04/2020 01:25 PST- Details)


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Wondering how you are going to feed your fish while you are on vacation? Here is your solution. 7 day, vacation feeder that is the ideal product when you need to feed your fish while traveling. Tablet item allows you an ample food supply for up to a week for your fish. Each time-release block can feed your 10 to 15 gallon aquarium for up to 7 days. Made with Pro Balance high-quality fish food. Contains fish favorites like tubifex, and bloodworm along with essential vitamins, and minerals, assuring your fish are getting all the nutrients they need while you’re away. Place one block in your aquarium, and the block will slowly dissolve releasing the nutritious freeze-dried foods.

  • 7 Day, Vacation Feeder That Is The Ideal Product When You Need To Feed Your Fish While Traveling
  • Each Time-release Block Can Feed Your 10 To 15 Gallon Aquarium For Up To 7 Days
  • Made With Pro Balance High-quality Fish Food
  • Contains Fish Favorites Like Tubifex, And Bloodworm Along With Essential Vitamins, And Minerals
  • Place One Block In Your Aquarium, And The Block Will Slowly Dissolve Releasing The Nutritious Freeze-dried Foods


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