NoClean Aquariums Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium Starter Kit

NoClean Aquariums Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium Starter Kit

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Introducing NoClean Aquariums GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium. It’s self-cleaning, eco-friendly, and only takes about 60-seconds to work! The self-cleaning system runs entirely on gravity. Simply pour water into the aquarium and watch it clean itself! There’s no need to remove the fish, ornaments or wash the gravel. Your hands won’t even get wet. It’s so easy anybody can do it! The aquarium uses no electricity or filters so there are no running costs. Waste water is neatly collected in a cup making it easy to recycle as organic fertilizer for your plants. Now anybody can have a beautiful, fun to watch aquarium without the hassles!

  • Simply pour clean water in and dirty water flows out!
  • Cleans itself in 60 seconds!… it’s so easy a child can do i!
  • Patented cleaning system runs on Gravity! No noise, expensive replacement filters or unsightly cords!
  • Made in the USA from thick, sturdy glass!
  • BEST VALUE Starter Kit Includes: Self-Cleaning Aquarium, NCA Approved Polished Stones and IllumaFlex LED Light


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