Mylivell Fish feeder Automatic Battery Operated Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium Fish Tank

Mylivell Fish feeder Automatic Battery Operated Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium Fish Tank

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Both manual and automatic feeding

Press the “M” button to manually trigger the rotation of the container. Then, after configuring automatic feeding, you can always feed them manually by pressing the “M” button when you want if you are concerned that your fish haven’t got enough food.

A must have fish feeder for daily use or when you are away
1: Daily use: after using our fish tank automatic feeder, you don’t need to worry if you had feed your fish on time in the morning, the most important is that it will not overfeed or let starve your fish when you forget to feed them.
2: It is perfect when you are in travel for business or vacation. Our outdoor automatic feeder can set feeding time up to 4 times a day. This feeder provides your goldfish with a timely feed every day and relieves you to feed them several times a day. And the storage container is large, enough for 6 weeks of feeding.

Adjustable slider
Adjustable slider allows you to set the desired portions according to the number of fish in your aquarium. It works for a 50 gal fish tank.

Product Features
Battery: 2 AA battery
Volume: 100ml, 3.3 fl ounces, enough for 6 weeks of feeding (depending on the food type and the amount dispensed)
Food types: recommend to use flakes and pellets food, also ideal for most types of food for both fresh water and marine fish.
Maximum setting times: up to 4 times
Easy to read LCD display with clock
Easy to set up: manual guide included

Package include
1* Automatic fish feeder
1* User manual
GREAT FOR HOLIDAY OR DAILY USE – The fish feeder can set different feeding times, up to 4 times a day. So you don’t need to worry if no one can feed your fish when you are away, it is perfect for holidays or daily use.
ADJUSTABLE DISPENSING DOOR – The slider of the opening door is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the desired portions to avoid overfeeding.
ADAPTED FOR FLAKES AND PELLETS – The opening door of the outdoor automatic feeder works well with flakes and pellets, mix crisps with flakes to feed both your small fish and your big fish.
LARGE FEEDER CONTAINER – Feeder container is large enough to store enough food for an extended period. Can feed at least 15 days depending on the amount you feed each time.
EASY TO SET UP – Aquarium auto feeder is easy to set up and use, included a easy manual guide.


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