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Accudrip acclimation kit “protecting your investment!” there’s nothing more heartbreaking than bringing new tank inhabitants home and watching them stressed and traumatized from improper acclimation. You can reduce shock and stress induced diseases by acclimating all new specimens safely and easily with our professional patent-pending drip acclimation method. Providing the smoothest transition for your new tank mates is the single most important decision to safeguard against unwanted distress. Even the slightest differences in temperature, pH, and specific Gravity (salinity) are detrimental and prevents a long healthy life. The accudrip is the smart investment for relocating new livestock from point a to point B with minimal complications. Its’ patent-pending self-priming siphon bulb is the sanitary choice to keep aquarium water off your hands and away from your mouth while displaying a constant visible drip count at eye level. The accudrip utilizes a rigid tube that hangs virtually on any aquarium which flows water through a transparent self-priming siphon bulb that doubles as a Visual drip counter and is controlled with a precision thumb wheel rolling clamp. Only requires one gentle squeeze to create a siphon guaranteed every time! directions: use a clean and designated bucket and release your live fish, coral, or invertebrate along with the water contents. Always remember to allocate one bucket for fish only and one for corals and invertebrates to prevent cross contamination. Note: also available in a convenient 2 pack for simultaneous acclimation for fish and corals/inverts.
Clean up simply hang the rigid tubing on a cup of freshwater to rinse out any excess salt that may clog. Self-priming Siphon Bulb. Reduce shock and stress induced diseases. The accudrip utilizes a rigid tube that hangs virtually on any Aquarium.


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