FA18X Aquarium Acclimation System

FA18X Aquarium Acclimation System

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The FA18X aquarium acclimation system offers a simple and effective solution for the introduction of new aquatic life to your aquarium. It combines the two best known acclimation techniques into a single package: Bag floating and dripping. The system is compatible to most aquariums and operates directly with the plastic bag containing the specimens to be introduced, which means no more messy buckets and dripping tubes; it comprises three separate parts: 1) The aquarium frame is engaged to the edge of the aquarium during acclimation, 2) the bag holder holds the plastic bag containing the specimens to be introduced, and 3) the dripping cup collects water from the aquarium to drip into the plastic bag at a controllable rate. With FA18X you don’t need to pour the content of the bag to any container, and it requires minimal supervision during the entire acclimation process. With the rising cost of live stocks, you cannot afford to neglect the introduction step so vital to the long-term well-being of your pets.
Complete acclimation in three easy steps.
– Operates directly with the plastic bag from the store where you made your purchase, which means no more messy buckets and dripping tubes.
– Simultaneous equalization of temperature and chemical conditions.
– Use it to introduce fishes, corals, invertebrates, plants, etc.
– Adjustable dilution rate.


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