CAD Lights 4 Gallon Mini Series Aquarium

CAD Lights 4 Gallon Mini Series Aquarium

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Our line of Euro style Pico systems offer the best in style and Marine life support systems. Truly the finest elements of the reefing hobby and meticulous design packed into a Pico sized tank. Our New Mini series aquariums offer powerful yet energy efficient LED systems where it features an extra large lighting surface to deliver an even and consistent supply of beneficial light for the reef. Contemporary styled to blend seamlessly with the smooth straight lines of the Mini is the new LED reef light that gives you great growing power for a wide range of corals.
The Mini Series tank is curved by a glass Artisan using a single Starfire glass panel to curve into a seamless shaped aquarium in straight lines for a distortion free panoramic view of the reef. Superior Materials and quality. Meticulously detailed at every inch, The Mini series is built entirely of Ultra clear Low iron glass (including the bottom panel) that is up to 15 shades clearer than standard glass. Built by Aquarium Artisans with over 20 years experience, each seamless glass panel is hand curved by a master glazier. Our seams and joints are perfectly clean and tooled. The Mini series aquarium and its inhabitants in perfect harmony guaranteed to give you an aesthetics feast for your eyes and senses.

  • Free 1 Extra filtration sponge. Included: A powerful Reef LED 10W clip on light
  • A Ultra clear Low-iron Semless glass front and side panel Aquarium.
  • Comes with full single panel Glass cover. Rimless recessed fit design.
  • Multi-chambered Reef filtration system. 100% Acrylic background.
  • 75GPH Pump for a turn over rate of 18X.



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