Bestgoo 3 Pcs Aquarium Thermometer Sticker Dual Scale C/F

Bestgoo 3 Pcs Aquarium Thermometer Sticker Dual Scale C/F

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Want to have a equipment that can measure the temperature of the water in your aquarium precisely, quickly and easily?
The Bestgoo thermometer sticker can help you make it .

Bestgoo thermometer sticker is ideal for observing the temperature of fish tank water with precision numbers, speed and convenience.
As It’s made from thermochromic material that changes color with the temperature, it can measure quickly just in seconds.

How to use
1. Peel the wax paper in the back of the product and expose stickers
2. Paste in the outside of the aquarium
3. Observe the water temperature: The digital color will change from black to blue, that’s your fish tank temperature.

1. Choose a suitable place(You’d better clean the tank surface first) then paste it in order to avoid the destruction of its viscosity
2. Fixed below the water level, the lower, the better
3.Winter comes and it’s getting colder. However the measure range of the sticker is between 18- 34C degree / 64-93F degree, so please note that carefully.

Size: 13cm long, 1.8cm wide
Material: Plastic (thermochromic material)
Measuring range: 18- 34C degree 64-93F degree
Contents: 3 Pcs thermometer sticker

The Tagline of Bestgoo is ‘Entertain Your Little Ones Then to Please You…We Know It’s Really for You! ‘
Made from thermochromic plastic material, high strength, toughness, good heat resistance and double, also eco-friendly and safety.
Easy to install. The self-adhesive backing is perfect for easy sticking to the exterior of your fish tank. To help you observe the temperature of the water in your aquarium and keep a watchful eye on the living environment of your pet fish.
The temperature numbers can be read easily, the temperature of your fish bank will show quickly just in a few seconds after sticking on.
Ideal for cold water, tropical and marine aquarium(Please note the sticker ought to stick outside of your fish tank). Especially works excellent for Kombucha Bottles.
The high precision thermometer has both farenheit and celsius(Measuring range: 18- 34C degree 64-93F degree), but the main large temp is celsius. No matter which one can be read easily.


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