Aqueon® 20 Gallon Hex Aquarium Starter Kit

Aqueon® 20 Gallon Hex Aquarium Starter Kit


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This Aqueon 20HEX LED Aquarium Kit includes everything you will need to establish and maintain a thriving aquarium in your home. This comprehensive kit features cool white LED lights that actually highlight the natural colors of fish. Meanwhile, its six-sided design makes this aquarium an easy fit in smaller areas.

Features: Complete Starter Kit

  • 20HEX Glass Aquarium
  • Low Profile LED Hood
  • QuietFlow Power Filtration
  • Submersible Preset heater
  • Premium Fish Hood
  • Water Conditioner
  • Thermometer
  • Fish Net
  • Set-up and Care Guide

Intended For: Freshwater Fish
Material: Glass
Color: Clear, Black
Size: 20 HEX

Instructions: Only keep aquarium lights on for 8-10 hours during the day, then turn off at night. Only change 25 percent of the water once per month.



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