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Freshwater and saltwater fishkeeping are challenging and tremendously rewarding hobbies. Aquariums covers every requirement a fishkeeper needs to know and meet — all presented in a comprehensive and reader-friendly format. Hundreds of color diagrams illustrate step-by-step technical instructions and hundreds more color photographs show fish in natural and aquarium habitats.

This book addresses:

  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Preparing the water and setting up the aquarium
  • Achieving a balanced aquarium with the right mix of fish and appropriate plants
  • Differences in saltwater and freshwater requirements
  • Types of fish and their families in a freshwater fish directory and a saltwater fish directory
  • Selecting plants for the aquarium
  • Fish reproduction
  • How to prepare decorative objects for the aquarium.

Packed with practical advice and useful tips, Aquariums shows how to create a fish tank of stunning beauty.


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