Aquarium Water Conditioner for Fish Tanks

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Aquarium Water Conditioner – One Formula Does It All – Removes Ammonia, Nitrite, Chlorine, Chloramines & Heavy Metals – Adds Essential Electrolytes, Replaces Slime Coat – Reduces Stress. Can Be Used In Freshwater & Saltwater.

Aquarium Water Conditioner

This formulation is one of the most comprehensive water conditioners available. It is ideal for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Apply directly to new aquariums or immediately after water changes. The product will remove ammonia and chlorine, destroy chloramines, detoxifies nitrites and heavy metals (including copper), add essential electrolytes, replace skin slime coat and reduce stress.

* Removes Ammonia

* Removes Chlorine

* Destroys Chloramines

* Detoxifies Nitrite

* Detoxifies Heavy Metals (Including Copper)

* Added Essential Electrolytes

* Replace Skin Slime Coat

* Reduces Stress

MOST CONVENIENT WATER CONDITIONER – It instantly removes chloramine, removes ammonia, removes nitrite, destroys chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals, adds electrolytes and also adds a synthetic slime coat.

ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL – Our all-in-one formula eliminates the need to use multiple water conditioners, saving you time and money.

CONVERTS TAP WATER INTO “FISH-SAFE” WATER – City water contains toxic chlorine and chloramines that can kill fish. This formula instantly neutralizes both.

CONVERTS WELL WATER INTO “FISH-SAFE” WATER – Rural well water contains heavy metals that can kill aquarium fish. This formula instantly detoxifies these.

WORKS IN FRESHWATER & SALTWATER – Converts both city water and well water into “fish-safe” water and works in freshwater and in saltwater.


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