All Natural 7" Bamboo Moss Stick -- Beautiful Aquatic Decor by Luffy - Safe for Freshwater Fish Tanks - Fun and Playful Aquarium Toy for Betta, Tetra, Gourami & Shrimp to Swim around & Hide

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How long will my bamboo sticks last?
A living aquatic plant, the java moss covering the bamboo poles requires water in order to survive, but little less. The actual bamboo sticks require no actual maintenance. As long as they are kept underwater and receive minimal lighting, the Luffy Moss Covered Bamboo Sticks can last a lifetime.

Can I place the mossy bamboo canes in any tank?
The 7″ (18cm) java moss covered bamboo sticks can be placed in just about any freshwater environment that you can think of. Shrimp tanks filled with ghost shrimp, dwarf shrimp and tiny shrimp babies benefit by adding a safe hiding place for them to hide and spawn. Putting these decorations in community fish tanks full of tetra, mollies and goldfish or specialized aquariums for cichlids and pleco give your aquatic pets a new piece of their habitat to explore and enjoy.

Can these bamboo moss sticks be used along with other plants?
Absolutely. The tall, thin shape of the Luffy Bamboo Moss Sticks make them a dynamic addition to terrariums and indoor moss gardens. Many moss covered decorations like the Luffy Coco Mini Moss and other rocks and driftwood are shorter and close to the bottom of the tank. The height of the bamboo canes adds a new dimension to flat environments.

✔ APPROPRIATELY SIZED FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF TANKS — Perfect for anything from a small shrimp tank up to a larger 40 gallon aquarium, the 7″ (18cm) long java moss covered bamboo stick from Luffy has a convenient diameter of approximately 0.5″ (1.25cm). Start with one or two bamboo sticks and continue to add as many as your unique underwater environment desires.

✔ LUSCIOUS, ALL NATURAL AQUARIUM DECORATION — All natural, raw bamboo poles are the bases for these beautiful, pet-safe aquarium decorations. Vibrant green java moss organically grows around and covers these unrefined bamboo sticks. Popular java moss is a lovely, low-maintenance and fast growing aquatic plant.

✔ EASY TO INSTALL AND SECURELY STAYS IN PLACE — Although still buoyant and easy to rearrange, the Luffy Bamboo Moss Sticks have a weight to them so that they stay wherever you choose to place them. The attractive java moss will naturally spread and add lush green coverage to any area you allow this natural aquatic plant to grow.

✔ FUN & ENTERTAINING FOR ALL AQUATIC PETS — All sorts of aquatic pets enjoy having the java moss covered bamboo sticks in their underwater habitats. Dwarf shrimp, neon tetra, gouramis, bettas and other fish love to swim around the tall (compared to them) mossy poles. Freshwater snails, crayfish and fire-bellied newts and toads love to hide behind and crawl on the uniquely shaped living decoration.

✔ GREAT ADDITION TO UNIQUE DIY PROJECTS — For a creative, homemade gift or home decor, Luffy Mossy Bamboo Sticks look fantastic in unique do-it-yourself projects such as a miniature terrarium for your desktop or a decorative underwater centerpiece for your dining room table. They also make a great gift as they are for the aquatic hobbyist in your life.




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