5Pcs Colorful Remote Control RGB Submersible Waterproof LED Lights for Fish Tank Party Decoration

5Pcs/10pcs Colorful Remote Control RGB Submersible Waterproof LED Lights

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1.Open the light at the time of purchase to take out the protective papers.
2.Install the batteries correctly.
3.Close the light tightly.
4.Put the light to the place where you want and press ON button to turn it on, and OFF to turn it off.Press the color on the remote controller to change colors and modes.
5.If the container is black or very thick, please turn on the light and then put it into the container. Or to control it from the open part of the container.
6.The vaild control distance is about 3 meters in the open area. So please use the remote controller within this distance. And point the controller to the upper part of the light for better receiving the remote.
7.Dispose of old batteries properly.To prevent conosion in items that use replaceable batteries, remove batteries after each event.

Unit cannot be used in beverages.Unit is not intended for children under the age of 6.
Avoid looking directly into the bulb when activated.

Our lights are disposable but once with brand new batteries they last up to 24 hours with intermittent use. Due to the battery life, they could continually work within 3 hours, in this time, you could change the colors by the remotes. If you want to use them normally,please turn them off after 10 hours use and have a rest so that they could work well next time.

Package includes(no retail package):
1Pc x Remote control
5Pcs x LED Light
100% brand new and high quality
Remote distance:3m
Bring your creations to life with illumination!

LED light color: white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, light orange, light pink, purple, RGB full color color, blue-green 10 colors. Remote Controlled Color Changing Mini Led Submersible Lights is the wonderful decoration for Vase, Wedding Centerpiece,Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentines day and any holidays! also It can also be used to decorate aquariums


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