Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - .7oz Each - (3 Pack)

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold - .7oz Each - (3 Pack)

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Betta Bio-Gold has been developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of betas. A formulation utilizing Bio-Technology promotes excellent coloration while meeting 100-percent of their nutritional needs. Don’t be fooled by freeze dried foods with a betta label, give your betas food made especially for them, Betta Bio-Gold. Floating Pellet Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten. Helps eliminate over-feeding. Reduces water quality problems. More economical Will not cloud the water Expect Natural, Brilliant Colors. Rich in natural color enhancers. Reduces color fading Bio-Technology provides superior color enhancement. Contains Stabilized Vitamin C Supports immune system health. Promotes a long, healthy life.

– (3 Pack) Hikari Betta Bio-Gold .7oz Each
– Beta Bio-Gold Has Been Developed After Considerable Research Into The Nutritional Requirements Of Betas.
– Contains Stabilized Vitamin C Supports Immune System Health Promotes A Long, Healthy Life
– Will not cloud the water


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