This octagon fish tank is something that you don’t see too often, which makes for a great show piece anywhere in your house. If you are looking for something that has everything you need in one kit and is easy to set up, this is a good pick. It includes the pump, lighting, plants and under gravel filtration system. A big benefit of the under gravel filter is that it doesn’t take up space inside the aquarium, but on the downside it means a little bit more work for you when it comes time to clean it. The fact that it is an 10-gallon aquarium also gives you the space for more bettas, versus the smaller kits.
One thing that I don’t like about this octagon fish tank is that it doesn’t have an access panel, so you have to take the lid off completely to do anything. Another thing that you should be aware of is that bettas normally prefer horizontal aquariums versus vertical. This is mainly because bettas have to swim to the top of the aquarium for air. If your aquarium is too vertical and thin, this can get tricky for them to swim up, especially bettas with long flowing fins. In my opinion, this aquarium is not well suited for bettas. For other fish, definitely, just not bettas.

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