Marina 360 Aquarium Starter Kit Review

Marina 360 Aquarium Starter Kit Review

The Marina 360 Aquarium Starter Kit is a plug and play starter kit that contains all the basic elements needed to take care of your fish / water plants. The kit includes the 2.65 gallon 360-degree aquarium, LED lights, and filter pump.
Pros – This tank is beautiful, and will be a show piece – visible from all angles. The LED lighting adds to the overall glamour of the aquarium. In addition to the looks, the aquarium’s top is completely removable, which makes maintenance and cleaning very easy. The setup is also very simple, basically add tank water, pop the pump in, and turn it on!

Cons – This tank sacrifices functionality for the overall look / design. The tank is very small, and most fish experts would tell you that it is unsuitable, even for a Betta. I think it would be okay for the smaller fish species, like Tetras. The only other downside to this tank is that accessories aren’t included; not even gravel / sand. You’ll want to make sure you purchase tank accessories to go with the kit, otherwise you’ll have a very bland aquarium.

Marina 360 Aquarium Product Demonstration

Here’s a great YouTube video that will give you an idea on what the tank looks like in action:

Overall – This is a beautiful tank that solves one of the more common fish tank issues; cord management. It is one of a select few that manages to hide the cabling, and allows the aquarium to be visible from any angle. I think it would be a great tank for any water horticulture, or small fish species. Unfortunately, I would not suggest this aquarium for anything other than plants and VERY small fish.

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