Fluval View Aquarium Review

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

As you may guess from other posts, we are huge fans of Fluval fish tanks. Why? Not only are they an amazing company (with fantastic support), their fish tanks are high quality products that rarely have any issues. In our opinion, the Fluval View Aquarium (4-gallon) is no exception. Having said that, how good are they for holding betta fish? Keep reading to find out! I’ll be going through some of the main tank features, as well as some of the pros and cons.

Fluval View Aquarium Review -- Pros

The aquarium holds 4 gallons of water and measures fifteen and one fourth inches high, nine inches deep, and seventeen and one fourth inches wide. It’s an oval shaped fish tank made of plastic and comes with a removable cover and beautiful printed plant image at the back of the tank. It also includes a cartridge-style filtration system, integrated pump, LED lighting, two cartridges, biological supplement and water conditioner.

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

There are a lot of features that we like about this tank, so let’s get started:

  • Lighting – The lighting is not only good, it’s “exceptionally” good in our opinion. The aquarium lighting also comes with two options: regular daytime mode or nighttime mode (blue). In comparison with other tanks that offer a nighttime mode (which some people find tacky), this unit takes it up a notch by how clear it is. Makes for a perfect night-light as well, for those of you who have kids.
  • Filtration – The system has excellent filtration straight out of the box. Not only is it effective, it is also very quiet. and the current isn’t super strong, which is excellent for our little betta friends. At least our bettas didn’t mind it. The filtration compartment has a covered opening at the top which allows you quick access in case of a problem and the whole compartment is removable, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Assembly & Setup – This tank is probably the easiest that we’ve ever had to assemble but just in case you don’t feel like figuring it out yourselves, it does come with an easy-to-follow instructions manual.


Fluval View Aquarium, 4-Gallon
132 Reviews
Fluval View Aquarium, 4-Gallon
  • 4 gallon plastic aquarium with removable cover
  • LED lighting includes 10 white and 1 blue bulb
  • Equipped with a low voltage power supply


Suggested Improvements

There are only a few things that we would recommend that Fluval change:

  • Material -- The tank is made of acrylic. Although some people don’t care about that, and the tank is still sturdy and well built, I still prefer glass aquariums over plastic.
  • Decal -- Although the leafy decal is nice to look at, I can see some people getting sick of it after a while and unfortunately, it cannot be removed easily. If you are patient enough with a steamer, you might be able to get it off. Otherwise, if you want a different look you are going to have to be imaginative and hide it somehow with decorations.
  • No heater – A heater is not provided with this kit. This may not be a problem for some fish, but it’s a necessity for betta fish. In my opinion at least. The good thing is that there is enough room to house a small 25W heater which you can buy separately. Click HERE for an example.


Product Demonstration

Have a look at the following video to get an idea on what it looks like in action:

Fluval View Aquarium Kit

We hope that this Fluval View Aquarium review helps you on your journey to getting your next aquarium. If you have any questions or need more information on this tank, use the comment box below. For other reviews, please visit our “Featured Betta Tanks” section!
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Fluval View Aquarium, 4-Gallon
132 Reviews
Fluval View Aquarium, 4-Gallon
  • 4 gallon plastic aquarium with removable cover
  • LED lighting includes 10 white and 1 blue bulb
  • Equipped with a low voltage power supply


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    1. Hi Jenny. Unfortunately, it only comes in the 4-gallon size. Too bad, because an 8-gallon version would be a great option.

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