Double Tail Betta Fish

Here are a few facts on the double tail betta fish that might interest you:

  • The expression “Double Tail” is often referred to as “DT”. (Useful fact if you are looking up information on-line).
  • As the name suggests, and as you can see by the picture above, the Double Tail betta has a caudal fin that splits into two equal lobes rather than one.
  • The DT trait can be found in a wide variety of bettas, however the most popular mixing is done with Plakats, Halfmoons, and even Crowntails. Here’s a quick glimpse of each one to show you the difference:


Double Tail Plakat

Double Tail Plakat

Double Tail Halfmoon

Double Tail Halfmoon

  • If you can get the halfmoon double tail to flare, you will notice that their tails almost make a complete circle.
  • The Double Tail has over twice the amount of rays in its dorsal fin as a regular single-tailed betta, which has the effect of having a dorsal fin that is also twice as large.
  • They tend to have a slightly shorter body than other bettas and unfortunately, these little fellas are susceptible to Swim Bladder problems.
  • For “show” purposes, the perfect double tail betta fish is one that is symmetrical and has two equal tail lobes.


Double Tail Betta Fish In Action

Here’s a video of a double tail betta in action:


Do you know anything else useful about the Double Tail betta that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post!

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