Double Tail Betta Fish

Double Tailed Betta Fish

One of my all-time favorite bettas is the double tail betta fish. I can’t exactly explain why, other than I’m a huge fan of it’s striking tail and the fact that it makes it easier to identify than other bettas.

Facts About The Double Tail Betta Fish

Here are a few fun and interesting facts that you might not be aware of:

  • The expression “Double Tail” is often referred to as “DT”. (Useful fact if you are looking up information on-line).
  • Another nickname for this betta splenden is Twin Tail, although it’s not used as much.
  • They tend to possess a wider caudal peduncle in order to handle the twin tails. They also tend to have a bigger dorsal fin, almost as big as the anal fin.
  • As the name suggests, and as you can see by the picture above, the Double Tail betta has a caudal fin that splits into two equal lobes rather than one. (For more information on the finnage, refer to “Betta Fish Anatomy – Important Facts You Need To Know
  • The DT trait can be found in a wide variety of bettas, however the most popular mixing is done with Plakats, Halfmoons, and even Crowntails. Here’s a quick glimpse of each one to show you the difference:


Double Tail Plakat
Double Tail Plakat

Double Tail Halfmoon
Double Tail Halfmoon

  • If you can get the halfmoon DT betta fish to flare, you will notice that their tails almost make a complete circle.
  • The Double Tail has over twice the amount of rays in its dorsal fin as a regular single-tailed betta, which has the effect of having a dorsal fin that is also twice as large.



  • They tend to have a slightly shorter body than other bettas and unfortunately, these little fellas are susceptible to Swim Bladder problems. (One way to tell is if they are floating involuntarily around the surface of the tank or sinking to the bottom more often. Don’t worry, it’s easy to treat. Just follow the instructions in our post Does My Betta Have Swim Bladder Disease?)
  • For “show” purposes, the perfect double tail is one that is symmetrical and has two equal tail lobes.
  • They are carnivores, so provide them with a rich diet of premium flakes, brine shrimp and frozen/freeze dried bloodworms.
  • Double tailed bettas usually measure between 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches when ready for sale.


The DT In Action


Double Tail Betta Fish Tank (Twin Tail Betta)


If you want more information on the double tail betta, specifically more on its genetics, visit Betta Source. Do you know anything else useful about the Double Tail beta that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post!

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