Delta and SuperDelta Betta Fish

Delta Betta And SuperDelta Betta Fish

The delta and the superdelta betta are popular choices for pet fish because they have large, magnificent fins. Their bold colors and large tails make them excellent display fish. They are a great alternative to more expensive betta fish such as the halfmoon variety, which have more admirers but are pricier and require more effort to produce.

Delta And SuperDelta Betta Facts

Here are some fun facts:

  • Delta tail betta fish are single tailed bettas. Their tails have sharp, straight edges but they have a span of about 130 degrees or less. They are often mistaken for Halfmoons (HM) but Halfmoon betta fish have a 180-degree span. Notice the differences below:


Delta Tail
Delta Tail


Halfmoon Betta Fish
Halfmoon Betta Fish


  • Delta tail bettas have a delta or triangular shape, which explains their name. This type of betta fish also has symmetrical tails.
  • Super Delta betta (aka SD or SDT for short) are an enhanced version of the Delta. They are one step closer to the Halfmoon variety in that their tails have a span between 130 -170 degrees as you can see here:


Male Super Delta Tail Betta
Male Super Delta Tail Betta (Straighter edges)


  • SD betta fish are also single-tailed but they have fins that are more pronounced than the delta bettas. Like the deltas, their tails have sharp, straight edges and a symmetrical, triangular shape. Super deltas are sometimes referred to as “Halfmoon geno” due to the fact that they usually carry the same genes as the HM. Breeding them can result in more Super Deltas and sometimes Halfmoons!
  • If you still aren’t sure which one you have, try to get it to flare. That way you’ll get a better view of its finnage. Check out this forum at Fishlore for more details.


Both the Delta and SuperDelta Betta are beautiful and relatively easy to care for when compared to some other high maintenance betta fish. Keep them in an adequately large tank with lots of places to hide (i.e.: at least 5 gallons -- click here for suggestions), feed them fish foods that are high in protein and they will be happy. Be mindful though, of keeping bettas together in the same tank, as they are known to be very aggressive fish. They are available in various colors and color-mixes that are quite eye-catching when on display in any aquarium.


SuperDelta Betta In Action

Before I forget, here’s a short video showing you how impressive these SDs are:

Fishchick Auctions: Marble Super Delta Male Betta

Do you know anything else useful or fun about the Delta or Super Delta betta that you think I should mention? Or other fun betta fish facts? If so, please comment on my post and also check out the other types of betta fish before you leave. If you are looking for new betta fish to own, check out our post “Best Places To Find Betta Fish For Sale Online“. Until next time.
Added a tip about flaring (to help identify the type of betta) and included a link to another forum which has more information in case you still have a hard time identifying the differences between and delta betta and super delta betta. Also changed the video that was a bit clearer.

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