Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium Review

Aqueon AQE17101 Evolve Desk Top Aquariums Tank, 4-Gallon

Before I get into the nitty gritty about the Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium‘s specifications and pros and cons, I wanted to talk a bit about the company behind this product. Aqueon has been growing their brand quite a bit since 2006 (see here fore more: and what I like the most is that they are developed by real aquatic hobbyists that know quite a lot about this hobby. But not only that, they have a great vision which is “Doing what is best for the health and well-being of fish and aquatic life.”. Can’t go wrong with that.
They are also sponsors of the “Pets in Classroom” program. Great program that offers financial help to teachers across America, to buy and maintain smaller animals in their classroom. Teaching children how to take care of small animals at a young age is a fantastic way for them to learn responsibility. Anyways, if you want to learn more about this company, you can find them here:
Aqueon’s Facebook Page
Aqueon’s YouTube Channel

Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium -- General Specs

The Aqueon Evolve 4 comes with all the basic necessities to get going:

  • Aquarium: Made of acrylic, can hold 4 gallons of water (10.5″ x 10.5″ x 11.5″)
  • 3-stage filter system -- QuietFlow Power Filter + Wet/Dry biological filtration
  • LED lighting
  • Instructional manual
  • Samples of food and water conditioners
  • Tank cover with small door for feeding


Aqueon AQE17101 Evolve Desk Top Aquariums Tank, 4-Gallon
5 Reviews
Aqueon AQE17101 Evolve Desk Top Aquariums Tank, 4-Gallon
  • Beautiful and seamless design
  • Manufactured by Aquino
  • Made in United States


Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium -- Review

The Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium is a sturdy and compact model.  (If you need more room for your aquatic pets, this unit has a “big brother” model that is an 8-gallon capacity tank.)  Both units have square shapes that easily allow it to fit on a desktop, or countertop.  To me, the best thing about this model is that the cords and cabling are hidden behind the back of the unit.  There are so many aquariums on the market today that don’t plan for cable management, and I found this unit sets itself apart from the pack for that reason.

As you can see from the specs section above, inside the box you’ll find a simple starter kit that would allow you to have live fish, or plants, right out of the box.  The kit contains the overhead LED lamp (with power on / off button), a simple filtration system, and food / water treatment samples that would allow you to get by for about a week. The LED lighting is great for growing and maintaining live plants.  Another great feature is that the pump is quiet unlike the ones that come standard in other kits.  If you are a newbie, then this is a good option to start with since the tank is extremely easy to set up.
Aqueon Evolve 4 Gallon Aquarium Review

There are no decorations in the Aqueon Evolve 4 kit, so to get your desired look and give the fish a desirable habitat, you’ll need to grab some substrate and the random nick knacks that allow your tank to reflect your personality. The filtration system is powerful which is great when it comes to cleaning the tank, however, out of the box it is too strong for bettas so you will have to dampen the outflow. There is a switch on the pump to reduce the flow. If that’s not enough, some people add a sponge to the inside of the filter to lessen the flow. (Just make sure its a sponge that has never been used and that you rinse it out thoroughly before using it.). Also, the kit doesn’t come with a heater, so I highly recommend that you get one if you are going to have betta fish living in it.

Aqueon Evolve Product Demonstration

Here’s a great YouTube video that will give you an idea on what the tank looks like in action:

Aqueon Evolve 4 gallon Review and Update

Overall opinion of this Aqueon Evolve 4 -- For the money, you’re getting a solid and well-made aquarium that is great for betta fish, with a few minor adjustments.
If you have any experience with the Aqueon Evolve 4, I’d love to hear about it. Just use the comment box below.

Aqueon AQE17101 Evolve Desk Top Aquariums Tank, 4-Gallon
5 Reviews
Aqueon AQE17101 Evolve Desk Top Aquariums Tank, 4-Gallon
  • Beautiful and seamless design
  • Manufactured by Aquino
  • Made in United States

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